Community Based + Cost Efficient

Our fundamentals applied in practice for Out Of Home Media always come back to targeting demographics. Local vendors call for local customers and this notion stimulates the nature of BACKBOARD’s approach, community based marketing. Neighboring venues harboring neighboring advertisers acts as cross promotion for both parties and helps drive the businesses of local networks and community.

Restroom Advertising is one of the most cost efficient forms of advertising with the lowest cost per thousand readers at about one half cent per reader. These results give advertisers the flexibility to target multiple demographics without consuming their marketing budgets.

Target Marketing

Only pay for what you need by advertising in locations containing members of your market.

Maximum Retention

Restroom ads captivate a willingly engaged audience and offer a naturally extended duration of retention.

Cost Efficient

An efficient process calls for a cost efficient price. National averages sum the cost of half a cent per impression.

Local Exposure

Immediate markets kick back the best. We know the area (MN) and all of its business inhabitants.


Boost Your Business

The ads reach the audience most coveted by advertisers: 21-35 year olds who like to go out and spend money. Restroom ads also allow companies to target a gender with 100% accuracy - Fortune

Rest assured people have to read your ad… market studies have proven it to be effective - The Business Journal

Restroom advertising is naturally an efficient medium for targeting strictly male or female audiences - Adweek

If you went to the restroom three times, you’d read it again and again. Not only can indoor billboards reach a very discerning customer, but they’ve got that customer’s undivided attention - Inc.